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Walter L. Mitchell Scholarship

Walter L. Mitchell was President of the I.C.W.U.C. from 1956 until 1968, when he died unexpectedly at our Constitutional Convention. That Convention had just passed a resolution providing for a college award program for children of members at Mitchell’s urging. A man of working class background, Mitchell worked and went to law school at night in order to become an attorney. It is, therefore, appropriate that these Awards are a memorial to him.

These awards are given annually by the I.C.W.U.C. to children of I.C.W.U.C./U.F.C.W. members. One scholarship is awarded to a child of an eligible member in each region and seven scholarships are awarded at large. In addition to the Walter L. Mitchell Scholarship program, children of members are also eligible to apply for a scholarship from the U.F.C.W.

The Walter L. Mitchell Scholarship selection committee consists of three professional educators from colleges in the Akron, Ohio area.

To apply Click Here for a printable application.