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We are a reputable workers union located in Akron, Ohio. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, our labor union prides itself on helping employees have a voice in the workplace. We employ highly trained professionals to help you in every aspect of your journey. Enjoy better benefits, a safer workplace, and job security with the help of the International Chemical Workers Union Council.

If you are tired of low wages and poor work conditions, the ICWUC can help. For more information on how to join our union, please email, call, or come by our location.

Proudly Serving Members throughout the United States

You do not have to work in a chemical producing plant to get help from us.  We can help almost anybody that wants to join, anywhere in the United States, Canada, or any US possession in the Caribbean.  Don’t hesitate to call, no matter what type of job you are currently in.

Raul Reyes appointed as Representative to The United Latinos of the UFCW


Raul Reyes, President ICWU Local 478C, was just appointed as the Chemical Workers’ Representative to The United Latinos of the UFCW by Council President Frank Cyphers. Raul is employed by Southern California Gas which employs a very diverse group of people.

Raul has been a member of the Chemical Workers since 2002 and has held offices since 2006. Raul comes from a strong union background, both of his parents are union members and continuing with that strong union family tradition, his wife, Evelyn, is President of ICWU Local 995C.

The ICWUC is very proud of Raul and we are certain he will serve our union and its members very well. Congratulations on your appointment!

Organizing Victory for Certainteed Gypsum


Congratulations to the 74 workers at Certainteed Gypsum in Proctor, West Virginia on winning their organizing campaign! The workers wanted job security, better wages and benefits, and fairer treatment from their employer and they joined with the ICWUC/UFCW to attain that. They are currently in negotiations to attain their first contract. Way to go!

 (left to right)
ICWUC Representative Ron Moore;
CertainTeed employees Andrew Gaiser, Josh Maxey, and Carl Sweeny;
and ICWUC Organizer Lance Heasley

Organizing Victory for Chemson


We are pleased to welcome 14 new union members from Chemson Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These courageous workers voted on April 13, 2015 to become part of the ICWUC/UFCW. Let’s keep supporting these new Union Members as we bring a First Contract to Chemson.

(left to right)
ICWUC Organizing Coordinator George Ortiz;
Chemson Organizing Committee members Chris Wilkinson, Bryant Smith and Troy Butler;
and ICWUC Organizer Lance Heasley