ICWUC gives you Job Security

Job security is an important benefit of joining a union. We can help protect workers from arbitrary firings or layoffs by establishing clear procedures for discipline and termination. In cases where layoffs are necessary, ICWUC can negotiate for things like severance pay or retraining programs to help affected employees transition to new jobs.

By ensuring that workers are fairly compensated for their labor, we help to create a more stable work environment. This stability can lead to longer tenures within a company, reducing turnover rates and increasing overall job security for all employees.

In addition to negotiating for better wages and benefits, ICWUC also advocates for workplace safety measures that can protect workers from injury or illness on the job. By establishing guidelines and protocols for safe working conditions, we help to reduce the risk of accidents or health hazards that could result in lost time or income for employees. This emphasis on safety not only protects workers physically but also provides a sense of security knowing that their well-being is a priority in the workplace.

Overall, the job security provided by ICWUC can offer peace of mind and stability to workers in an ever-changing economic landscape.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of joining a union and how it can improve your job security, don’t hesitate to contact an ICWUC organizer today.

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