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News from the Health and Safety Department

Safe Summer Rules…
The year is now half over and for most of us summer is in full swing. Too often as workers we step into our jobs wanting to perform the best we possibly can, and without meaning to, we forget that its’ HOT and for a lot of us its’ HOT and HUMID. Please remember to stay hydrated (with good ole water), take extra breaks in the shade or air conditioning when possible. Remind our co-workers and our family and friends to do the same.

Update Local Union Health and Safety Committee Forms…
This is also a good time to remind each local how important information is in health and safety. If your local hasn’t updated your health and safety committee form within the past 18 months or so (or never submitted one) or there have been changes in the committee, now is a great time to send us the information. You can access the form online by clicking this link; before submitting be sure to completely fill in all the required fields. Please be specific when entering the “Major Processes and Products” information.

Meaningful Health and Safety Contract Language…
And one last midyear reminder; now, more than ever, it is vital we secure our workplace health and safety with meaningful contract language. Under this administration it is highly unlikely we will be able to get any new protections from OSHA, MSHA, FDA or the EPA. In fact, it will take most of our efforts and resources just to hold on to what we have fought so hard for. We are not talking about a little bump in the road, we are looking at an all-out assault against any regulation that is seen as cutting into corporate profits; regulations that have proven to save lives, make the air, ground and water cleaner and insure our food and medications are safe. So, when it is time to negotiate your contracts ask for language that is specific to your place of employment. Language that is fair, enforceable and serves to protect all workers and the environment. Many locals have quality health and safety committees; enlist their expertise in this portion of the process. Your Reps are another great resource; talk to them. And don’t hesitate to contact the ICWUC Health and Safety Department; we can offer aid as well.

It’s a Fact: The OSH Act Works; In 1972 there were 10.9 incidents per 100 workers, In 2016 there were only 2.9 incidents per 100 workers.