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Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

The ICWUC Center for Worker Health and Safety Education spent 31 years empowering workers with the resources to change their workplace for the safer. After reviewing written materials, the workers would then put their knowledge to the test by working together through a simulated chemical spill.

The COVID-19 virus put an end to these hands-on classes in March of 2020.

Through the diligence of our educational staff: Keith Mundy, Luis Vazquez, Joel Alvarez, Cynthia Stephens, Charles Holmes, Justin Tristan, and Patricia Moore, the support of Brian Brooks, William Davis, Sonya Hall, and Maria Conner, and the advice of our partners, advisory board, and the staff at NIEHS we are conducting our first hands-on program the week of November 15th, 2021. And a special thank you to our trainers Karen Rupp, AFGE, and Scott Mackin, ICWUC that worked so hard to bring everything together.

This week we welcomed Eric Hubbard, UFCW Local 1155, Megan Gann, AFSCME Local 725, Jazmin Morinigo, NCOSH, Myra Gracey, CBTU, Nick Nappi, UFCW Local 75, Samuel Donald, CBTU, Eduardo Hernandez, UFCW, John Getz, ICWUC, Calvin Grant, IAM Local 2297, Phillip Moran, AFSCME Local 725, Bryant Roth, AFGE Local 3809, and Mike Dansby, AFGE Local 3844 to our first hands-on post-pandemic program.


Support Heaven Hill Distillery workers.

Heaven Hill Distillery jobs have been great for Kentucky – great for the communities that enjoy their quality products and the tourism dollars they bring in, and great for families with generations of Kentucky distillery workers building better lives through good pay and benefits. They have also been great for the company with Heaven Hill making $500 million in estimated revenue last year.

But instead of giving workers a contract that honors their hard work, Heaven Hill proposed a contract that makes cuts to overtime – cuts that could drastically reduce take-home pay – and threatens to divide its workers with unclear and potentially unfair scheduling.

What Heaven Hill is doing threatens not only its workers and their livelihoods but can lead to turnover and loss of generational skills that local communities and economies rely on.

That’s why workers are standing up –to keep Heaven Hill, and all distillery jobs, GOOD jobs.

Support Heaven Hill Workers Today

SPREAD THE WORD: Share the Heaven Hill campaign on Facebook & Twitter using the hashtag #StepUpHH and urge your followers to do the same.

MAKE THE PLEDGE: Tweet Heaven Hill that you won’t buy their products until a FAIR contract is signed.

Print out the information below and distribute to your community.

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INEOS Workers Join Our Union Family

On August 27, over 140 workers at two INEOS Pigments plants in Ashtabula, Ohio, joined the ICWUC/UFCW and International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

INEOS is a global chemical company, and INEOS Pigments is one of the largest producers of titanium dioxide in North America.

This organizing victory is the result of a five-year effort to organize workers at INEOS Pigments. The company refused to recognize the ICWUC/UFCW or the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and its efforts were supported by the previous administration’s National Labor Relations Board. INEOS Pigments also hired union busting lawyers to hold captive audience meetings at the plants. Despite these obstacles and intimidation tactics, these workers persevered and unionized because they wanted a voice in the workplace and the same benefits as some of their unionized colleagues, who are represented by the United Steelworkers.

“In spite of the company’s anti-union tactics, these workers stood together for a better life,” said ICWUC/UFCW President Lance Heasley. “We look forward to working with the Teamsters and having the support of the Steelworkers as we begin to negotiate a strong, first contract for these workers.”



Local 871C Celebrates 50 years!

Local 871C recently celebrated their 50-year anniversary. The local organized a picnic for current members and retirees in Depot, IL at the city park. The event was well attended by members, retirees, and their families. They had many activities planned throughout the day such as a Corn hole tournament, arts & crafts for children, air brush tattoos, & balloon twisting to name a few. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Congratulations Local 871C! Looking forward to the next 50 years!

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After long legal fight workers at Sun Chemical in Kankakee, IL vote to join ICWUC Local 498C!

Then Organizer Lance Heasley filed a RC Petition with the NLRB on December 23, 2020, for all Maintenance, Shipping/Receiving, Production, and Lab employees at the Sun Chemical Kankakee, IL location. Sun Chemical tried every tactic in the book (resulting in us filing 2 separate petitions and have 2 separate elections) to delay things but the workers at Sun Chemical stayed strong and on August 9, 2021, they received NLRB certification for all of them together in one bargaining unit and to be represented by ICWUC Local 498C! The ICWUC solutes the workers from Sun Chemical for sticking together through this lengthy process!

ICWUC Center for Worker Health and Safety Education honors recent retirees.

The ICWUC Center for Worker Health and Safety Education has had 5 employees retire over the last year. Due to the pandemic, these retirees were never given a proper goodbye. Center Director Shari Glines-Allen thought that since President Heasley was going to be in Cincinnati August 17 & 18 to work on the budget, it would be a great opportunity to honor those retirees and thank them for their service. The following are the retirees and retirement dates:

OSHA & DOT Coordinator Don Dudley – April 30, 2020

Worker Trainer Development Coordinator Lula Odom – November 1, 2020

The Director of the ICWUC Cincinnati Center for Worker Health and Safety, John Morawetz – January 30, 2021.

Director of the ICWUC Health and Safety Department Darrell Hornback – June 30, 2021

DOE Nuclear Training Coordinator Tom Frazee – August 1, 2021.

The ICWUC would like to thank all the retirees for their service and dedication to keeping workers all over the country safe. Our members are safer because of you!

hsed_retirees-rc-minRetirees Don Dudley, John Morawetz, Darrell Hornback, Lula Odom with ICWUC President Lance Heasley.

Board votes unanimously to name Lance Heasley ICWUC President!

The ICWUC Executive Board met this morning and voted unanimously to name Lance Heasley President. Lance becomes the 8th President since the International Chemical Workers Union was originally Chartered in 1944. Lance came on staff in January of 2015 as an organizer. Since being hired he has taken 27 organizing campaigns to NLRB election (winning 25). Lance and his wife Lisa reside in New Martinsville, WV, where she serves as Wetzel County Commissioner. They have 3 Children and 5 grandchildren. Lance has been a member of Local 45C in New Martinsville, WV since 1998, serving the members of his local in various capacities (Vice President, Negotiations Committee, Grievance Committee, PAUSE Committee, AFL-CIO Delegate & Steward) prior to coming to the Council. While a member of Local 45C, he also served as 1 of 4 Zone Coordinators for the WVAFL-CIO during the 2014 election cycle.

Recorder Chuck Denny swearing in new Council President Lance Heasley (with his wife Lisa as witness).

Recorder Chuck Denny swearing in new Council President Lance Heasley (with his wife Lisa as witness).

President Heasley’s opening Statement to the Board:

“I am humbled by the privilege given to me from this International Chemical Workers Union Council Executive Board to lead the members of this Council. I am also grateful for the trust and overwhelming confidence that you, the board, has bestowed on me with your unanimous vote. It is with tremendous pride to be the 8th man to have taken the Oath of Obligation as President of this great organization in this our 77th year from our original charter of 1944. We, as a board, can do great things if we pledge to work together in unity. Our strength comes from this unity. I encourage each member to always feel free to express their thoughts and ideas without the fear of reprisal. This board, and in turn our organization, will be stronger if we engage in open discussions and debate. Our ability to hear each other’s ideas, discuss our differences and make OUR decisions together as ONE UNITED BOARD, working together, WITH our members, to the best of our abilities must ALWAYS be our mission.”

Workers Memorial Day

How did you observe Workers Memorial Day 2021?

Those that forget history are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana, American philosopher, The Life of Reason)

We observe Workers Memorial Day every year on April 28 to honor and remember all workers that have died from injury, illness and disease associated with their jobs. One of the most effective ways to reduce workplace injury, illness and disease is to be diligent daily and remember from where we have come.

April 28 was chosen as Workers Memorial Day because it was the day in our history that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) opened its’ doors for business, April 28, 1971. Fifty years ago, OSHA began its’ charge to protect workers health and safety from their jobs. And although great strides have been made danger still lurks in the many task we perform as workers in the American economy.

This Workers Memorial Day the ICWUC family morns two of our Brothers of 27C that were killed on December 14 from a roof fall in a salt mine, Avery Island LA.


WMD 21 4-30 image_rev-min

Region 3

Welcome to Region 3 of the Chemical Workers Council of the UFCW. Region 3 covers the Mid Atlantic and New England area of the USA. We are thirty (30) Local Unions enforcing fifty-eight (58) collective bargaining agreements that protect over 3,700 members and their families.

Together with Representatives Gene White, Tommy Humphries and Dominick DeProspero, it is a job that keeps us all pretty busy.

We have many and diverse jurisdictions in the Region. We work with Gas Workers in North Carolina and Nursing Home workers in New Hampshire. Throw in heavy chemicals in Maryland and Pennsylvania it takes the Staff a lot of time preparing and understanding the different settings and member needs.

This is just a brief snapshot of the Region. If we can be of assistance to Staff, members, or not yet organized workers, contact me at the Region 3 Office. 610-334-4265

Rep. Gene White ewhite@icwuc.org
Rep. Tommy Humphries thumphries@icwuc.org
Rep. Dominic DeProspero ddeprospero@icwuc.org
Director – Gerry Setley gsetley@icwuc.org

ICWUC Center for Worker Health & Safety Education
hsed_new_2019_150x150-minHSED Website

The ICWUC Center for Health and Safety Education delivers hands-on chemical emergency response, hurricane disaster, plume classes, general disaster response, several Covid-19 response classes, and related training through its Cincinnati Center, online, and regional centers. Once all Center in-person training was canceled on March 16, we had no other means to deliver training during a pandemic other than online programs.

We currently offer many online programs. A complete listing is available from your Center liaisons (Keith Mundy and Joel Alvarez), including: Covid Vaccines: April 15, 1 pm – 3 pm, ET

The Center staff developed a basic factsheet on COVID-19. They update the content regularly. This factsheet is on the Center website along with other resources such as various links, webinars, online books, and data slides following the virus’s spread in seven countries and four states. Another available resource generated by the Center staff is an ongoing listing of significant articles, news reports, and scientific articles about the virus’s technical aspects and expanding knowledge about the disease (members request addition to the email list by contacting their liaison).

Click here to visit the HSED website.