Local 436C Member Randy Taylor retires after 50 years of membership!

Randy Taylor pictured with fellow member Arnie Jandreau.

Randy started at American Cyanamid in 1972. His father got him “a good union job”

Starting wage of $3.49 per hour was a fair wage for the era. Randy worked as a Mill Helper for several years before transferring to Shipping, where he spent the majority of his tenure.

At retirement, Randy is the Group Leader earning $39.77 per hour. In addition to his duties in Shipping, Randy worked tirelessly on the Plant Fire Brigade. (Union Run, by-the-way)

In his spare time, Randy held various positions in Local 436C; Steward, Grievance Man, Vice President and was on many negotiation committees.


It is fair to say that Randy has been and will always be, a good Union Brother.