Members of ICWUC Local 591C Forced to Strike

Written by Linda D. Wattley

Members of International Chemical Workers Union Local 591C, UA Local 851, IBEW Local 666 and IAM Local 10 went on strike at AdvanSix in Hopewell, Virginia on Friday, April 7, 2023. The Unions want to address the needs of their members to support their families and gain the protections needed to perform their duties.


AdvanSix, has a complex work environment involving safety and health risks. The members of the Union(s) have displayed their commitment to working towards limiting those risks by attempting to bargain in good faith to improve the working conditions and quality home-work balance.

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Our Brothers and Sisters Saw AdvanSix Through the Pandemic”




The Company stated that they have had record profits over the last three years, including during the pandemic in which the employees at the Hopewell, VA site were designated as essential employees. Our brothers and sisters went to work every day during the pandemic to ensure that the facility continued operations without any discussion of hazard pay.


ICWUC Region 5 Representative Tommy Humphries had this to say:
“After all the record profits, the company arrived on the first day of negotiations with a wage adjustment for 51% of the bargaining unit in the first year and zero wage increase for the other 49% of the bargaining unit in the first year. Even with AdvanSix’s behavior, the union(s) are committed to bargaining in good faith and reaching a fair and equitable agreement.”


As stated by ICWUC President Lance E. Heasley:
“In 2022 the United States saw a spike in strike activity by around 50% due to inflation and a tight job market. We are just over 3 months into 2023 and this is the third ICWUC location to go on strike in their fight for fairness. The ICWUC has and will continue to stand with workers in their fight for a better work life and safer workplace.”



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