Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

The ICWUC Center for Worker Health and Safety Education spent 31 years empowering workers with the resources to change their workplace for the safer. After reviewing written materials, the workers would then put their knowledge to the test by working together through a simulated chemical spill.

The COVID-19 virus put an end to these hands-on classes in March of 2020.

Through the diligence of our educational staff: Keith Mundy, Luis Vazquez, Joel Alvarez, Cynthia Stephens, Charles Holmes, Justin Tristan, and Patricia Moore, the support of Brian Brooks, William Davis, Sonya Hall, and Maria Conner, and the advice of our partners, advisory board, and the staff at NIEHS we are conducting our first hands-on program the week of November 15th, 2021. And a special thank you to our trainers Karen Rupp, AFGE, and Scott Mackin, ICWUC that worked so hard to bring everything together.

This week we welcomed Eric Hubbard, UFCW Local 1155, Megan Gann, AFSCME Local 725, Jazmin Morinigo, NCOSH, Myra Gracey, CBTU, Nick Nappi, UFCW Local 75, Samuel Donald, CBTU, Eduardo Hernandez, UFCW, John Getz, ICWUC, Calvin Grant, IAM Local 2297, Phillip Moran, AFSCME Local 725, Bryant Roth, AFGE Local 3809, and Mike Dansby, AFGE Local 3844 to our first hands-on post-pandemic program.