I want to share something with the membership of the entire International Chemical Workers Union Council Of The United Food And Commercial Workers Union and my own Local 121C thereof.

Most of you do not know me. Most of the members of my own Local 121C do not know me. But I very much want you all to hear me and acknowledge something to yourselves. That being, the significance of enjoying the benefits and protection of formal Unionized Representation in your respective workplaces.

Since 2013, I have been engaged in an Unjust Dismissal dispute with my employer. And true to form, this employer has assiduously exploited standard tactics to impede and retard any just review of my case. Namely: bluff, delay, prevarication and protraction. Contractual dispute resolution procedures were trivialized. Federal Arbitration rulings were appealed or ignored. State Superior Court and Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals reviews drug things out for years. Contest and protract. This was the Company drill for essentially six years.

During this time, I came to understand that only 8% of the American workforce enjoys the protection that our Union affords us as workers. Not to mention the far better wages and standard benefits we take for granted. And I do mean take for granted!

My story stands to archive what Union Representation can accomplish in the face of Corporate mistreatment. Our Union stood by me steadfastly and patiently pursued every legal measure to be my advocate and represent my interests. We did not compromise or settle. We trusted that the Arbitration System would render an objective result and we prevailed.

It goes without saying that such an undertaking is costly.
I am deeply indebted and grateful to my Local 121C, the International Affilate and expressly: Roy DeLeon, Kevin Berner and the Executive Board of Local 121C, Vince Diaz and Randy Vehar. Thank you for your support, faith and professionalism. I have my job back. I am still working and I have been made whole for all lost wages and benefits….because I am a dues paying member of a good Union.

Edward Marquad