Board votes unanimously to name Lance Heasley ICWUC President!

Recorder Chuck Denny swearing in new Council President Lance Heasley (with his wife Lisa as witness).

The ICWUC Executive Board met this morning and voted unanimously to name Lance Heasley President. Lance becomes the 8th President since the International Chemical Workers Union was originally Chartered in 1944. Lance came on staff in January of 2015 as an organizer. Since being hired he has taken 27 organizing campaigns to NLRB election (winning 25). Lance and his wife Lisa reside in New Martinsville, WV, where she serves as Wetzel County Commissioner. They have 3 Children and 5 grandchildren. Lance has been a member of Local 45C in New Martinsville, WV since 1998, serving the members of his local in various capacities (Vice President, Negotiations Committee, Grievance Committee, PAUSE Committee, AFL-CIO Delegate & Steward) prior to coming to the Council. While a member of Local 45C, he also served as 1 of 4 Zone Coordinators for the WVAFL-CIO during the 2014 election cycle.



President Heasley’s opening Statement to the Board:

“I am humbled by the privilege given to me from this International Chemical Workers Union Council Executive Board to lead the members of this Council. I am also grateful for the trust and overwhelming confidence that you, the board, has bestowed on me with your unanimous vote. It is with tremendous pride to be the 8th man to have taken the Oath of Obligation as President of this great organization in this our 77th year from our original charter of 1944. We, as a board, can do great things if we pledge to work together in unity. Our strength comes from this unity. I encourage each member to always feel free to express their thoughts and ideas without the fear of reprisal. This board, and in turn our organization, will be stronger if we engage in open discussions and debate. Our ability to hear each other’s ideas, discuss our differences and make OUR decisions together as ONE UNITED BOARD, working together, WITH our members, to the best of our abilities must ALWAYS be our mission.”